We are excited to celebrate the first-ever International Veterans Day on March 3rd, coinciding with the distinguished National Invest In Veterans Week®. This global observance is a bold new initiative to honor the valor, courage, and sacrifices of veterans from across the world, transcending national borders and bringing together diverse military traditions and histories. International Veterans Day serves as a dedicated moment to acknowledge and celebrate the varied experiences and significant contributions of veterans from all nations.

Join Us in Celebrating:

Engage Globally: Discover and learn about the rich and unique stories of veterans from different countries through our curated content and events.

Connect Locally: Take part in community gatherings and virtual events to foster connections with veterans and their supporters globally.

Support Veteran Causes: Show your support by engaging with and contributing to international veteran charities and organizations featured on our platform.

This March 3rd, stand with us in unity and solidarity as we recognize and affirm the shared experiences of veterans worldwide. For more information on how you can be involved and make a difference, please visit our website dedicated to International Veterans Day – March 3.

Let’s make history together by uniting the world in our appreciation and respect for those who have served. Be part of this inaugural celebration to honor the brave men and women who have contributed to international security and peace.

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Celebrating International Veterans Day: This day is set apart each year on March 3rd to honor both past and present veterans who have served on an international scale, acknowledging their profound impact on global communities. With over 2.5 million post-9/11 military veterans representing a significant portion of the population, many of whom have engaged directly in overseas combat, this day also brings to light their younger demographic, resilience, and the evolving nature of military engagement.

From March 1st to 7th, during National Invest In Veterans Week®, we pay tribute to these heroes. Here’s how you can actively participate in honoring internationally-serving veterans:

  • Promote their stories and contributions on social media platforms.
  • Support businesses around the globe that are veteran-owned.
  • Organize international workshops to help veterans access benefits and resources.
  • Provide special offers, organize fundraisers, and host ceremonies specifically for international veterans.
  • Foster partnerships with brands that are committed to supporting veteran causes.
  • Arrange networking opportunities for veteran-owned businesses in allied nations.
  • Mentor veterans residing abroad to help them transition smoothly into civilian roles.
  • Advocate for official recognition and honors for veterans through international legislative bodies.
  • Engage deeper with the mission of International Veterans Day by visiting our Invest in Veterans Week initiatives.

Share your experiences and stories of veteran entrepreneurs or businesses on social media using #InternationalVeteransDay to spread awareness and support.

The Significance of March 3rd: The choice of March 3rd as International Veterans Day is rooted in key historical events that reflect the spirit of this global commemoration. On this date in 1931, the United States adopted “The Star-Spangled Banner” as its national anthem, symbolizing resilience and unity—traits that resonate deeply within the veteran community. Furthermore, this date marks the establishment of the Federal Naval Reserve in 1915, emphasizing readiness and strategic foresight, which are crucial in defense and peacekeeping roles internationally.

By aligning International Veterans Day with these historical milestones, we not only honor those who have served in any nation’s military but also foster a spirit of collective acknowledgment and support for their sacrifices and achievements on the global stage. This day, promoted under National Invest In Veterans Week®, propels forward a worldwide movement to recognize, support, and invest in our veterans, enhancing their welfare and integration into society post-service.

Historical Context and Broader Impact: Conceived in 2024 under the guidance of Iraq War veteran Jeff Shuford and supported by figures such as LTC Rickey L. Pope, USA (Ret.), International Veterans Day symbolizes a commitment to the global veteran community. This day encourages the international acknowledgment and support of veterans, highlighting the need for continued investment in their well-being and development, thus ensuring they receive the recognition and opportunities they deserve.

Isn’t Veterans Day November 11th? Why is International Veterans Day March 3rd?

March 3rd serves as a unifying date for International Veterans Day, an initiative aimed at creating a global observance that honors veterans from all nations, transcending individual national histories to foster a broader sense of appreciation and recognition for their service and sacrifices. Shuford led the strategic acquisition of,,,, and and noticed a glaring veteran advocacy issue. Many countries honor their veterans on November 11, but the names and types of commemorations differ from the United States. Here’s how March 3rd stands as a unifying date compared to the veteran observance days in South Korea, Germany, Australia, Japan, and the United Kingdom and many other USA allied nations:

South Korea
South Korea observes its Veterans Day on June 6th, which is also known as Memorial Day or “Hyun Choong Il”. This day is dedicated to honoring the men and women who died while in military service during the Korean War and other significant conflicts. The observance includes ceremonies and tributes across the country, particularly at the National Cemetery in Seoul, where people pay their respects to the fallen soldiers.

Germany’s equivalent to Veterans Day is Volkstrauertag (People’s Day of Mourning), observed on the Sunday closest to November 16th. This day is not just a remembrance of military veterans but all victims of oppression and violence. The observance includes laying wreaths, military honors, and speeches that emphasize peace and reconciliation.

Australia commemorates Anzac Day on April 25th, a day dedicated to the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZACs) who served during the Gallipoli Campaign against the Ottoman Empire during World War I. This day has extended to honor all Australians who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations. The day is marked with dawn services, marches, and memorial ceremonies across the nation.

Japan observes its Memorial Day for War Dead on August 15th, the anniversary of Japan’s surrender in World War II. This day, known as the “Day of Mourning for War Dead and Praying for Peace”, involves memorial services across the country, including a national ceremony in Tokyo where the Emperor and other dignitaries pay their respects to those who died in WWII and other conflicts.

United Kingdom
As we examine the practices of our international allies through platforms like,,,, and, it’s clear that each country has its unique traditions for honoring veterans. In the United Kingdom, for instance, Remembrance Day is observed on November 11th to honor the armistice that ended World War I. The British mark this solemn occasion by wearing red poppies and holding a two-minute silence at 11:00 AM nationwide. Additionally, the Sunday nearest to November 11th, known as Remembrance Sunday, is celebrated with various ceremonies and parades across the country, including significant events at the Cenotaph in London.

Unifying March 3rd
Choosing March 3rd as International Veterans Day provides a unique date that does not overlap with the national observances of these countries, allowing it to stand as a distinct day dedicated to celebrating the contributions of veterans globally. This choice avoids any direct association with the existing dates, which are often deeply tied to specific historical conflicts of each nation. By doing so, March 3rd can symbolically represent a new, inclusive day of recognition that respects all veterans’ contributions to global peace and security, regardless of nationality. This date provides an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on the shared values of courage, sacrifice, and commitment that unite all who have served in military forces around the world.