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It was only just disclosed that John Coleman, CEO of Microgaming, intends to step down from his position at the company by the end of 2021. After working for the same firm for the past 17 years, the former boss of one of the most well-known iGaming brands in the world has decided that he is ready for a new challenge and will be leaving the company. His position will be taken over by Andrew Clucas, who has been with the company for a significant amount of time and is presently serving as the chief operating officer for Microgaming. This marks the beginning of a new era for the organization, but there is no reason why it cannot continue to lead the way in the field of online casinos.

Since June 2018, when he was first appointed to the position, Coleman has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Microgaming. Prior to it, the Irishman had served for close to 14 years as the chief financial officer of the company. Coleman came to the conclusion that he needed to leave the iGaming company in order to focus on other endeavors after having a tremendous amount of success during his time there. Coleman stated the following in a recent statement that was published on the Microgaming website:

“It is an honor to have served as CEO of Microgaming, which is composed of such remarkable employees and customers. After working for the company for the past 17 years, it feels like the right time for me to move on to the next chapter of my life. It gives me great pleasure to announce that Andrew Clucas will be taking over as CEO of Microgaming. The company already has a solid leadership structure in place, and its future looks very promising. – Because Andy is such a talented coworker, friend, and leader, I have no doubt that he will guide Microgaming to even greater achievements in the future.

Coleman named Clucas, a former pilot for the Royal Airforce who had previously worked for Microgaming, as his successor in his announcement. Clucas joined the company in 2009. It has been incredible to watch Clucas ascend the ranks of the firm. After serving as the leader of a number of different departments throughout his first decade with the company, he was promoted to the position of chief operating officer in 2018. Because he and Coleman had collaborated so closely over the past few years, it was obvious that he was the best candidate to succeed Coleman in his role. Clucas expressed that it was a great honor to be given the position of chief executive officer of such a prestigious firm, and he vowed to carry on the incredible work that was done by his predecessor with the same levels of zeal and determination.

At the end of December, Clucas will take over leadership of the corporation, and he will continue to steer its growth well into the twenty-second century and beyond. It will be his responsibility to ensure that the firm continues to develop and advance in the years to come, as well as to keep Microgaming in its current position as the dominant force in the industry.

Coleman’s contributions over the past ten years have been an important factor in Microgaming’s success, which has allowed the company to accomplish an unbelievable lot over its history. The Chief Executive Officer has been responsible for some of the most recent successes attained by the corporation as it has innovated with emerging technologies such as virtual reality. At the International Gaming Awards in 2016, Microgaming was recognized as the industry’s Innovator of the Year for developing the VR Roulette game.

During Coleman’s tenure as CEO of the Isle of Man-based software business, the company has been honored with a multitude of distinctions. Microgaming was awarded the CasinoBeats Pride of Gaming award, the Women in Gaming Diversity Award for Diversity and Inclusion, the EGR B2B award for Innovation in slot offering, and the Best Leadership Event at the ICE Awards in 2019. All of these accolades were received in 2019. These are only a few of the highlights of the many accomplishments that Microgaming achieved while Coleman was in charge, but there were many more. Read more on up to date gambling articles at A Magazine.

Coleman and Clucas have earned some credit for themselves in addition to being responsible for the honors that the company has received. The former company was awarded the Gaming Intelligence Hot 50 trophy in 2019, and the latter company earned the same award the year after that.

Before Coleman joined the company, Microgaming had already built itself a solid reputation in the industry. In point of fact, it is among the most well-established and well-known software suppliers in the online gaming sector. Microgaming, which was established in 1994, asserts that it was the first company to provide a framework for online casinos, igniting a market that has since gone on to gain global dominance. It is to the credit of the management team behind the scenes that the company has been able to thrive for such a significant amount of time in such a harsh industry. The company that has its headquarters on the Isle of Man is always striving to keep up with the latest trends and ensure that it continues to be one of the pioneers that others look to for guidance. More on the history of gaming.

Microgaming is perhaps best recognized for being one of the world’s most successful manufacturers and providers of slot games. It is responsible for the development of some of gaming’s most recognizable titles, such as Tomb Raider, Jurassic World, and Immortal Romance, all of which helped propel the industry ahead. It is still breaking new ground and developing new products, with games such as Game of Thrones Power Stacks being among the greatest new slots alongside newer creators such as ELK Studios and Nolimit City. The fact that Microgaming is still regarded as one of the finest in the industry for reel spinners exemplifies how the company strives to stay current with the ever-changing gaming industry.

Mega Moolah, which was developed by Microgaming and was one of the very first progressive jackpots, is one of the reasons the company has earned a reputation for being a record-breaker. The game is famous for having awarded prizes comparable to those offered by lotteries, with winners taking home more than £7 million in 2009 and £13.2 million in 2015. Both outcomes established a new Guinness World Record for the highest amount paid out by an online casino. The game was also responsible for the flourishing offshoot industry of classic slot machines. These days, when players log on to their accounts at online casinos, they will find a variety of games to choose from, each of which features a rolling jackpot that awards prizes in a random fashion to winners spread across a network.

Aside from slot machines, Microgaming has one eye on the future and is working to ensure that it is positioned to take care of any upcoming technology that may become mainstream in the near future. This was brought to light by the company’s development of VR Roulette in 2015. At this point in time, a number of observers anticipated that virtual reality will enter the mainstream the following year. Microgaming is in a good position to capitalize on the platform if it ever becomes a necessary item in most people’s homes; however, this has not yet come to pass.

Microgaming has had a number of different CEOs throughout the course of its 27-year history, but this has in no way hampered the company’s ability to maintain its dominant position in the online casino market. To guarantee that the business continues to remain one step ahead of its rivals, it will be up to Clucas to ensure that the ship continues to be navigated in the appropriate direction and to make any necessary course corrections.

Andrew Clucas, who is currently serving as Microgaming’s COO, will succeed John Coleman as CEO of the company effective December 31. Coleman has announced his intention to step down from his position. After holding the position of CFO for Microgaming for close to 14 years, John was promoted to CEO of the company in June of 2018. As Chief Executive Officer of Microgaming, John has been…

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Microgaming, the most successful company in the iGaming industry, has selected John Coleman to serve as its new chief executive officer. He succeeds Roger Raatgever as the leader of the team. Coleman, who had served as the chief financial officer of the Isle of Man company in the past, had been one of the primary contributors to the successful operation of the company in recent years.